Berna© MultiClamps components

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The components of a Berna MultiClamp© are: an axis - a 1/8" diameter high density carbon fibers rod - equipped at each of its ends with a silicone stop - and 2 polycarbonate jaws that can slide on the axis. At its opposite end to the passage hole of the axis, the jaw is provided with a very springy silicone buffer, for contacting the objects. The Berna MultiClamp© 1 has a 3" long axis and its jaw depth is 3" long. The Berna MultiClamp© 2 has a 8" long axis. Its jaw depth is 3" long too. The Berna MultiClamp©3 has a 10" long axis. Its jaw depth is 3" long too. High density carbon fibers rods of which are made MultiClamp axis are so hard that they are marked by the steel screws of the chocolate blocks. So such rods might be secured end to end by using units of chocolate blocks. That enables to extend the axis of the different kinds of Multiclamps and to get longer spans.

Berna MultiClamp© 1 

MultiPresse de Type 1 /  Type 1 MultiClamp


Berna MultiClamp© 2


MultiPresse de Type 2 / Type 2 MultiClamp

Berna MultiClamp© 3


Type 3 MultiClamp

Materials that are used:
For each Berna MultiClamp© or MightyHold©, the clamp beam uses high-density carbon fibers that allow it to be light, strong and flexible. The jaws use the same type of polycarbonate used in bulletproof windows. The buffers at the end of the jaws are made with a type of silicone, which is springy enough to avoid damaging the work and to allow resistance to vibrations. Silicone is also heat resistant (it is normally used for oven gaskets). So Berna MultiClamps© and MightyHolds© may be used for soldering and welding, provided the flame is not constantly focused on the jaws and buffers. Hot-air guns will not harm the clamps.
Weight of the Berna MultiClamp©: about 1/3 oz. 


Clamping force: MultiClamps can exactly transmit to the objects the force that your fingers are exerting upon the jaw backs, from zero up to about 10 pounds, which is the safety limit when the jaw buffers are facing each other, and from zero up to more than 50 pounds, when the MultiClamps are used as bench-clamps or spreaders.


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