securing delicate, fragile, light objects, even curved and/or provided with ridges, without marring, for artifact restoration and conservation

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Before acquainting yourself below in detail with the peculiarities of the devices that are presented in this website, it is highly recommended, for a comprehensive view, to come first to the home page (where in particular a slide-show of various applications of these devices is displayed) by clicking here.


These clamps have been specially designed for easily assembling and securing delicate objects without damaging and without slipping and the result is a success. These devices are all the handier that they are both ultra light and ultra sturdy. So they are perfect for elaborating and restoring art objects, building and repairing models and miniatures, making and repairing musical instruments, fixing everyday objects and reshaping archaeological objects from debris.

 Repositionnement des morceaux d'une coupe







repositionnement des morceaux d'un couvercle


Maintien en cohésion des morceaux d'une jarre

Immobilisation de morceaux de vase








The Berna© MultiClamps and MightyHolds are the only devices with which you can, at the first try, clamp, stabilize, spread, secure with free hands delicate, fragile and light objects, gilded objects, without any risk of damaging those objects and without any risk of slipping, even if the surface of these ones is curved or provided with ridges. Until now, that was impossible. Very springy 

buffers at the end of the jaws is the reason why these devices can harmlesslyhold awkward shapes and conform to them.

Recollage de morceaux de cadre doré








Windsor chair back clamping










Two fingers are enough for actuating MultiClamps while two hands are enough for actuating MightyHolds, No wedge is needed. Actuation consists in pushing the back of the jaws, near the axis, towards the objects. 

Owing to these springy buffers, these devices are also self-locking. Clamping is instantaneous. At the first try, that holds! Icing on the cake, uniquely they can directely maintain one against the other, and with the good orientation, the fragments of a ceramics object, and thus they make obsolete the perilous techniques that consist in plunging fragments in sand or in assembling fragments with adhesive tape. 

sécurisation d'une saucière cassée en deux morceaux








On top of this, the MultiClamps exactly transmit to the objects the force that your fingers are exerting upon the jaw backs, from zero up to about 10 pounds, when jaw buffers are facing each other, and from zero up to more than 50 pounds, when the MultiClamps are used as bench-clamps or spreaders. But the force the MightyHolds exactly transmit to the objects is the one that your arms are exerting  upon the jaw backs, from zero to the one that your arms are exerting when you are chinning, that is more or less than your own weight. Thus, these unique clamps provide you, for the first time in the history, with the exact control of the clamping force.



On the other hand, the Berna© MultiClamps and MightyHolds are extraordinarily sturdy and however amazingly  light - less than 3/8 oz for the MultiClamps and less than 2 oz for the MightyHolds -. This is due to the use of materials more commonly used to build modern aircraft, such as high-density carbon fibers, polycarbonate and silicone. For more info, click here


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