Clamping and Securing Without Damage

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With Berna MultiClamps and MightyHolds©, you delicately clamp, assemble, hold, secure or spread, at the first try, delicate, fragile, light things or objects, even with curves or ridges, without any risk of damaging, marring or marking. With them, you exactly reproduce permanently upon the clamped objects, what your fingers and hands can do temporally. Owing to the use of silicon springy buffers, no risk of damaging and even of marking delicate objets when clamping them with berna-clamps©.

As the skin-like springy buffers conform to round and protuberant shapes, the clamping force is spread. That avoids pressure peaks and thus any marking of the objects. Such characteristics give these devices a tactile flexibility and pressure sensitivity comparable to the human hand.

Recollage de morceaux de cadre doré








Maintien d'un bras de statue doré sans marquer









What is more, you control exactly the clamping effort(1) ; the MultiClamps exactly transmit to the objects the force that your fingers are exerting upon the jaw backs, from zero up to about 10 pounds, which is the safety limit when the jaw buffers are facing each other, and from zero up to more than 50 pounds, when the MultiClamps are used as bench-clamps or spreaders. And the force the MightyHolds transmit to the objects is exactly the one that your arms are exerting  upon the jaw backs, from zero to the one that your arms are exerting when you are chinning, that is more or less than your own weight. In other words, these devices offer 100% applied force feedback, whatever their configuration is: clamping (with both jaws), stabilizing (as a benchclamp, using only one jaw), spreading (with both reversed jaws), maintaining with free hands (as a side helping-hand). That comes with the tactile perception of the gradualness of the clamping. In other words, you feel directly with your own fingers (MultiClamps) or with your own hands (MightyHolds) what happens upon the clamped objects. 

Still owing to the use of silicon springy buffers, no need of using pads, therefore no need of having three hands to handle these devices. Two hands are enough. Added to the fact that the jaws are self-locking, clamping cannot be simpler. 

The Berna MultiClamps© (for the list of components of a Berna MultiClamp©, please click here) are designed to be used with two fingers for exerting at the maximum a moderate force on small and miniature delicate objects. They alone possess an anti-damage safety because their jaws are made to twist off if too much force is applied.

As their geometry  is changeable, they can serve as clamps, stabilizing bench-clamps, spreaders and revolutionary helping hands.

 Immobiliser l'anse d'une théière






serrage d'une anse de vase



sécurisation d'une saucière cassée en deux morceaux









Maintien d'une figurine pour sa décoration









The Berna MightyHolds© (for the list of components of a Berna MightyHold©, please click here) are designed as bench-clamps to be used with one or two hands, for adding strength to aforesaid characteristics. Bench-clamps are useful for holding, on a bench or a board, a piece to be worked with hands free. A MightyHold© can compress more than 10% of a car engine valve coil spring (known to be terribly stiff). In fact, with a MightyHold© you can control the clamping force from zero to a maximum equal to your own weight or over (pushing with both hands upon a horizontal bar normally elevates your body). When its beam  is upright, a Berna MightyHold© enables you to secure and stabilize vertical parts. When its beam is at an angle, it allows you to press, even constrain,  round-shaped sides of vases or musical stringed instruments.

Compression d'un ressort de soupape







Immobilisation d'un chandelier





Maintenir un vase de Delft en morceaux


serrage des flancs d'un luth ou d'une mandoline









Immobilisation de morceaux de vase







By adding a 2nd jaw and replacing the original 61/2" beam by an available 29” beam, a Berna MightyHold© becomes the unique clamp, which can be successfully clamped firmly on the first try on awkwardly-shaped chairs(2) and more generally on any item that possesses some relief, such as jars and frames(3). This unique clamp can also be used as a spreader by reversing the jaws. This allows it to be used for pressing inside objects. It can also be used to put pressure on a piece in the center or in the hollow of an object, by using a bar secured at the edges of the object and a Mighty-Hold© as a spreader in the center between the bar and the piece.

Serrer le dos d'une chaise Windsor










assemblage d'un cadre

 Presser au milieu d'une surface loin des bords









Icing on the cake, the berna-clamps© are incredibly lightweight and yet extraordinarily sturdy. This is due to the utilization of materials more commonly used to build modern aircraft(4).Thus the beam is a carbon fiber-highly reinforced composite, making it stiffer and however much lighter than a same diameter steel beam would be. Jaws are made of polycarbonate as bulletproof windows are. The buffers at the end of the jaws are springy-silicone made as oven gaskets are. 


Such a carbon fiber beam is a stiff spring. So uniquely these devices keep exerting pressure when glue retracts by  drying, which results in excellent bonding.


Such a carbon fiber beam is so hard that it is barely marked by steel screws or brass nuts(5). Unlike other clamps, the maximum span of these clamps can be simply extended with beam connectors (see photos below).

Extension de l'axe des MultiPresses Berna





 Extension de l'axe des TurboValets Berna







All these properties make these devices extremely helpful and practicalSuggested Retail Prices for a Berna MultiClamp© start at only €3.95 and for a Berna MightyHold© at only €7.95 .The cost is small in view of the number and the quality of the services that these devices provide. The old-fashioned harsh alligator clip helping-hands and hard bench-clamps are much more expensive for only one service of inferior quality provided! You save money. The Berna MultiClamps© and MightyHolds© come with full instructions for use and an unconditional guarantee.

 (1) The jaws are built for remaining perpendicular to the beam when they slide along it. As a result, they move parallel to themselves. So any point along each jaw has same displacement. Because of work (=force x displacement) conservation, the strength of your  fingers or arms is exactly translated upon the object being clamped.

(2) The springy buffers of this clamp conform and cling to odd shapes.

 (3) You control the force, this unique clamp can provide, from zero to a maximum equal to your own weight or over (pushing with both hands upon two parallel bars normally elevates your body). Now when you sit down in a wooden chair, most often the chair emits a crack sound. So this maximum is just commensurate with the pressure necessary to join and glue chair parts.

 (4) For each Berna MultiClamp© or MightyHold©, the clamp beam uses high-density carbon fibers that allow it to be light, strong and flexible. The jaws use the same type of polycarbonate used in bulletproof windows. The buffers at the end of the jaws are made with a type of silicone, which is springy enough to avoid damaging the work and to allow resistance to vibrations. Silicone is also heat resistant (it is normally used for oven gaskets). So Berna MultiClamps© and MightyHolds© may be used for soldering and welding, provided the flame is not constantly focused on the jaws and buffers. Hot-air guns will not harm the clamps.


 (5) A carbon fiber beam is so hard that it is barely marked by steel screws of chocolate blocks or brass nuts. 

You will find more info, specifically upon characteristics, details concerning virtues, instructions of use and prices of the Berna MultiClamps© and of the Berna MightyHolds©, by clicking on the name of the files in pdf format shown below:

Brochure with Directions for use on Berna MultiClamps Brochure with Instructions for Use on Berna MultiClamps© (128.96 Ko)   Brochure with Directions for Use on Berna MightyHolds Brochure with Instructions for Use on Berna MightyHolds© (127.19 Ko)

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